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Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is. ~Mandy Hale

If happiness is a choice, have you ever wondered why you aren’t choosing it? Can you really choose to be happy with so many situations outside of your control?

This isn’t about blaming or expecting anyone to be in a state of perpetual bliss. It’s about understanding our own values and the lessons that our personal struggles bring forward. To build healthier relationships with others, we need to develop a stronger inner relationship. Your true source of happiness will always come from within.

This process is a sacred journey of self-discovery, likely filled with “ah-ha” moments, some laughter and surprises. So what are the little decisions we can make every day to bring more joy and contentment?

Join Life Coach Leaders Cheri Neal, Karen Cowperthwaite, Sharon Wilson & Sheryl Goodwin Magiera as we inspire you to own your happiness through:

* Identifying your core values
* Decoding the link between your values & triggers
* Shifting your energy & emotions
* Calming techniques for your relationships
* Standing in your personal power
* Creating your circle of strength

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