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Discuss Inaugural Ideas
This 'event' won't have a set date (not yet at least) but is a location to list down some ideas of what members are really interested in. I will add a couple of my own deepish ideas but do not wan't to dominate if others have common themes of interest. So just mention what you think will be cool. One ting I am interested in is in taking a concept from philosophy of mind and seeing how it may relate to neuroscience research; In this domain a recurring item is Daniel Dennett's comments regarding 'illusion' and how it relates to 'the argument from illusion' in the opposition in the philosophy of mind to the view called 'naive realism' ' We could discuss these issues and watch a short video from Dennett where he concludes that a generated pink image is 'just an illusion' (having proved that it is in fact 'there'). But then he stops short and says no more, leading many to say the title of his book should not be 'Consciousness Explained' but 'Consciousness Ignored'. Can we discuss possible ways of moving beyond the impasse he has created - I have a few putative ideas myself, what about you. So do say what you think about this and list down some other conundrums you think we could work on.

The Jam Factory Restaurant and Gallery

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Lets get together to dive a little deeply into current problems in analytical philosophy, especially Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Science and look into connections with current trends in Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Particularly we are interested in the mind-body problem, the limits of computer functionality, the role of philosophy in theoretical physics, how philosophy can inform neuroscience and possible links to phenomenology and awareness of individual agency.

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