What we're about

Biodanza is a well-established system of personal development based on music and movement.

Created and developed, in the 1960's, by Rolando Toro Araneda, a lecturer in Psychology and Medical Anthropology, at the University of Santiago, in Chile, it is now found in 54 countries in Latin America and Europe.

Biodanza helps us drop into the present moment. Each class, or 'vivencia' aims to awaken our "joie de vivre", our joy of life, making us feel more vibrant and alive.

Its effects can be very therapeutic and the benefits, widely reported by participants, have been validated by academic studies, for example, increased vitality, joy and well being, and less stress in the body and mind.

It can also be a lot of fun!

About Olga

Following by Biocentric principles of Biodanza Olga's mission is to re-awaken hidden resources of Vitality, Sexuality, Affectivity, Transcendence and Creativity through movement.

What you can expect from a session:

Biodanza uses world music, dance and free, and guided, movement. There are no steps to learn and you can't get it wrong.

The class starts with dances of rhythm and expressive vitality, to uplift and revitalize. As the session progresses, the dances become less energetic and outwardly expressive, and you are taken into a quieter, more internal space of harmony and relaxation.

Biodanza is very much a cumulative process: the more you do, the deeper you go. That being said, it is also true that you will benefit even if you attend just one class.

The sessions tend to leave you feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with an increased sense of joy and well-being.

What to bring and wear:

Wear loose, comfortable clothing e.g. skirts, leggings, jogging pants, tee shirts etc.

Layers are a good idea, so you can regulate your temperature throughout the session.
We usually dance in bare feet, but soft indoor shoes or dance shoes are also ok.

Refreshments are available - e.g. tea and herbal drinks- but you may wish to bring your own bottled water.

Who is it for:

Anyone interested in personal development, wanting to connect from their heart and having fun.

Everyone is welcome - no experience is necessary! Anyone can do Biodanza, it just requires a willingness to move and connect.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful practice with you and to have some dancing fun!

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Live Biodanza @ Tara Yoga Oxford

Tara Yoga Centre

Live Biodanza @ Tara Yoga Oxford

Tara Yoga Centre

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