Microcontrollers & Digital Electronics Workshop #5

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Update: The theme of this workshop will be microcontroller programming. -----------------------

Microcontrollers, or "uCs," are tiny computers that can be found everywhere in modern, daily life.

Acting as tiny onboard "brains" inside devices, they can be found in household gadgets and appliances, in children's toys, in weather, sleep and exercise sensors, and in those new hire bikes that are suddenly all over the city.

Small and versatile, UCs are cheap and very useful for building all sorts of projects and prototypes that need a bit of intelligence or reactivity inside them.

In these sessions, we will learn to use uCs and digital logic, walk through some demonstration builds, and use Arduinos to create some projects and solve problems together.

We have some boards that you can use, or you can bring down your own kit if you have it. Drop-in questions are also welcome, and bringing along your own projects is encouraged too.

So, come along to these meets to get to grips with microcontrollers in a supportive and friendly environment, and explore what they - and you - are capable of building.

Hope to see you there! x


* If you are also interested in analog and power electronics, please look in our Meetup calendar for Oxhack's Wednesday night events: "Analog & Power Electronics."