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What Makes A Good Songwriter?

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Hi everyone! - Welcome to our first meeting - looking forward to a stimulating evening.


Plan to arrive around 7:15pm. We will be starting the first activity at 7:30pm and ending at 9:30pm. Afterwards, we can go for a coffee or drink nearby, and carry on talking and socialising.


• pad for making notes

• pen

• pencil + eraser

• a friend! (if you want)


Making connections - a short exercise to get us thinking, and meeting the songwriter(s) sitting next to us.

Focus for the meeting - What makes a good songwriter? Identifying our personal strengths as a songwriter, and what we want/need to learn or develop. Interactive talk with illustrations, and opportunities for Questions & Answers (Q&A).

Short songwriting exercise 1 - wait and see ...

Song Study - We'll listen to a hit song and identify as many elements as we can about what makes it 'work'. This will provide an opportunity for us also to think about the many different elements of songwriting.

Short songwriting exercise 2 - wait and see ...

Tying up loose ends - Chat about ideas, formats and dates for future meetings, and any questions arising. Ideas cropping up throughout the evening will be made into notes and posted on the Oxford Songwriting website ( as a resource.

Networking and socialising - after the 2 hour session we can go for a coffee or drink nearby.