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Finding A 'Big Idea' To Focus Your Song

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Price: £12.00 /per person
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In this meeting, we will look at two questions:

1. What is a BIG IDEA? (And how does it effect how you write your song, as well as the impact on the listener?)

2. What makes a good TITLE? (And how does it relate to your Big Idea, songwriting process, and impact on the listener?)

(This follows on from our last meeting, where we got an overview of 7 core elements of songwriting and the relationships between them: Big Idea, Title, Lyric, Melody, Harmony, Song Structure, Arrangement.


Arrive by 7:15pm – so that we can start promptly as 7:30pm.

7:30pm Making connections - a short, new exercise each time to get us thinking, and meeting the songwriter(s) sitting next to us.

7:40pm Presentation and discussion on the evening’s focus – What is a Big Idea, and what makes a good Title? Interactive talk with illustrations, and opportunities for Questions & Answers (Q&A).

8:10pm Short songwriting exercise 1 - wait and see ...

8:20pm Song Study – We will listen to one or more songs to see how the Big Idea and Title ensure a song has coherence and is effective. These two elements also play a big part in helping the songwriter avoid or recover from writer’s block, and successfully finish writing a song.

9:00pm Short songwriting exercise 2 - wait and see ...

9:20pm Tying up loose ends - Chat about ideas, formats and dates for future meetings, and any questions arising. Ideas cropping up throughout the evening will be made into notes and posted on the Oxford Songwriting website ( as a resource.

9:30pm finish, followed by (optional) networking and socialising at local café.


• pad for making notes

• pen

• pencil + eraser

• a friend! (if you want)