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Lego® Serious Play® Taster - Optimise your Network
Just to be contrary - the first Oxfordshire LSP meetup will be held in Berkshire - but the venue was just too lovely to say no to. Come along at 6:30 to network and ask questions about LSP. Facilitated LSP session starts at 7:00. During the session we will be using the LSP methodology to explore, as individuals, what we can bring to the networks we are members of - including this group. Using these initial insights as a starting point, we can then look at the value we would each like to receive from membership of the group and explore how it could function as a value-creation system. As well as giving you those answers and revealing to us all how we can work together, this will give you insights into: the LSP method and how it is facilitated, two 'levels' of building and facilitation used in LSP and the power of analogy and metaphor as ways of accessing information and system characteristics. Refreshments - pizza, most likely, will be available half way through the evening. The facilitated part of the session should end about 9 - 9:15. I look forward to seeing you there.


The White Building, 33 Kings Road, Reading · RG1 3BU

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    Lego® Serious Play® is a facilitation methodology which uses bricks to build analogies and metaphors which represent challenges, ideas and knowledge held with individuals, groups and organisations. It has applications in innovation, organisational learning, change and a multitude of other areas, some of which are still waiting to be discovered.
    Join this group if you want to find out more by attending taster workshops and longer events covering specific applications. This group is suitable for anyone with an interest in an innovative approach to driving creativity, reflection and fun - getting the best from their participants, in meetings, workshops, learning events and much more.

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