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Open Source Hardware HackSpace @ EngineRoom - BitScope Workshop

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Andrew S. and 2 others


Our monthly hackspace encompasses a wide range of Open Source Hardware and Software.

Members have projects based on many popular platforms, including but not limited to: Arduino, RaspberryPi, Beaglebone, Open WRT, Teensy, Android and more… if it plugs in and is programmable then it's a good fit.

If you have an established project please bring it down. Both Hobby and professional projects are represented each month.

Beginners are always welcome, If you are just curious or starting out, all you need is a laptop, we will get you started on one of our club Arduino, Beaglebone or RaspberryPi kits. Or just come along and have a look, it's up to you. We can probably also shed some light on this mysterious “Internet of things” thing too.

Shared Equipment includes Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, A Soldering Station and knowledge in a friendly open environment.

Come down and escape your home study/lab once a month! ;) we share ideas and help each other solve bugs and design issues that might be otherwise difficult on your own.


6 hours – relaxed, unstructured collaboration and learning, come and go as you please. Help others or ask for help with your project. No pressure.

Micro talks on the hour - Starting from ~1pm. Get up and speak about your project (or another topic of interest) for 10 minutes. This is optional, but we hope this will help get people together.

What to bring

The Flea Market

If you have stuff to swap, sell or give away, please bring it along. Please note: It's carry in carry out, so if you have gear left over please take it home with you.

Kind regards,

Andrew Stone.
0412 488 251 @Drivenlogic (

Join our discussion list! send a blank email to: or join on the web here (!forum/ozberrypi)

Level 3, 79 Myrtle St (near the corner of Abercrombie) · Sydney