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This group is oriented around professionals that despite trying, have been unsuccessful in finding their ideal match. We are looking to disrupt the matchmaking, online dating, "its just lunch", "Events and Adventures", and other dating services by providing similar services nearly free (some events may have a small fee, and we have to pay meetup). Many people work for small companies, for themselves, or for whatever reason find it difficult to meet the right people in the right setting.

Our focus is to provide a variety of social opportunities for singles that are truly single, confident, and determined to find a long term compatible relationship. While we are a social group, we are focused on available singles only. Events are generally focused on smaller intimate settings and most events have an attendance cap, if Scottsdale clubs appeal to you, we may not be a good fit. Events may include happy hour, game night, bowling, billiards tournament, back-yard games, poker, sporting events, as well as larger trips like cruises, grand canyon, wine tours etc. Some events may be for a specific age range to increase comfort between members.

Members are asked to truly evaluate if they are emotionally, physically, and mentally available to take their membership seriously and actively seek a partner, we ask members to put their profile on hold if this is not you. This is up to each individual member to determine what point that is. If you do meet somebody in the group we ask that after 30 days of dating you no longer attend our singles events as you would no longer meet the first statement in this paragraph. However, we feel that organizers are an important and intricate part of our success. Therefore, organizers to play as an exception and if they choose to continue to host events we support that and their option to share their story with new and progressing members.

While all are free to join we are focused on straight, monogamous, singles with serious intent to date and find the love of their life. We are very concerned for the comfort and well being of our members and strive to ensure that all inappropriate behavior be dealt with swiftly. We ask all members to agree to our "Group Rules" (see below) and to uphold personal integrity to the highest degree. Many events will have alcohol available, all members are expected to be responsible adults and to limit their consumption to an in-control level. We highly encourage all members to utilize their meetup member page as a detailed description of you, like an online dating profile, additionally, members are encouraged to change messaging settings so you can not be contacted through Meetup.


• First week - Free

• First Month - $10

• Annually - $20

Fees are to ensure serious interest and to pay meetup

Profile Suggestions:

We require an accurate profile using at least 80% of available characters on your meetup profile


Click on "My profile" and then "View Profile"


Update the "Introduction" section of your profile



• Your profession

• Your interests

• Your college

• Your kids

• An accurate photo taken during the last 12 months

Group Rules:


• I will use the maximum characters in my profile to provide the best possible description of me.

• I will be respectful to all members that I meet

• I will be responsible with my consumption of alcohol, and take an UBER/LYFT/TAXI if required

• I will attend at least 1 event per month

• I will provide at least 24 hour notice if I can not attend an event

• I will notify the organizer and remove my profile if I find a compatible match in or outside of the group and deactivate my membership. Exception for organizers.

• I understand that the small fee is for the payment of meetup fees and to ensure interest in dating and an agreement to these rules

• I will respect the privacy of members that do not allow messaging contact in their meetup profile and will respond to the organizer of my interest in such member. I further agree that I will not attempt to find contact methods for that member through other social media outlets. Exception is phone numbers and/or email addresses provided from a member under their own willingness.

• I understand that reported extreme inappropriate behavior may be submitted to law enforcement authorities

• I agree to speak to any person that make me feel uncomfortable prior to commenting to the organizer regarding their behavior and request for removal from group


• I understand and agree that this group is focused on dating and that men will be speaking to me frequently with the intent to get to know me for the purpose of a long term relationship

• I will politely and respectfully turn down any men that I do not see a future with and understand that we may continue to cross paths at future events

• I agree that the purpose of this group is to find a partner for long term dating / marriage and not a hook-up group

• I will treat all women and other men that I meet respectfully and respectfully turn down any women that I do not see a long term future with, I further understand that I may cross paths with these people at future events


• If any member is uncomfortable we will address the issue in an as much of an anonymous fashion as possible.

• After the second complaint that person will be removed from the group.

• The person being complained against will have the opportunity to provide their side of the story.

• In some instances both members may be removed from the group as the situation was not clear.

• Extreme and illegal behavior may be submitted to law enforcement authorities

• You must attend one event a month to maintain membership in this group

• You must maintain your RSVP and update no later than 24 hours in advance to be polite, no shows will be removed from the group

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Western Carribean Cruise - Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize, Roataan

Carnival Cruise Lines Port

This will be our biggest and greatest meetup of the year. We are planning a cruise to the Western Carribean. This will be a great opportunity to get to know each other closely. The cruise is 7 nights from Sunday to Sunday and falls over many spring breaks. Notes: We will host special events on board like happy hours, scavenger hunts, singles events, etc. We will be choosing open dining option. Itinerary: https://www.carnival.com/itinerary/7-day-western-caribbean-cruise/tampa/miracle/7-days/zw2?Military=N&PastGuest=N&Senior=N&evsel=z&numGuests=2&rateCode=&roomType=IS&sailDate=03032019 As low as $604 per person dual occupancy Airfare: American Airlines flys to Tampa Florida, but you must stay over night in order to make the boat departure. The cost as of mid September is $454. Each person is asked to make their own reservations and arrangements with a roommate of your choosing. Cruise Facts: Sea sickness really doesn't exist on these short cruises, they aren't rough waters and the boat doesn't move far. Prices are based on dual occupancy, they go down if you have more people and up if you have less. Prices change based on how close to the center of the boat and the level that you are on. All food is included in price, drinks are extra except, lemonade, juice, and water. You have a choice of dinner time, we will do open dining. Casinos, Bars, Shows and other activities on board. Travel arrangements must be made on your own. Let the event organizers know once you’ve booked.

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