PASS East Midlands April-ish 2017 Meetup

This is a past event

22 people went


Apologies for not updating before but it's been a bit manic.

This meeting will now be on the 30th March due to the clash with SqlBits

Slightly different format this month, as it's going to be a double session. Simon Whitely will be doing a 2 parter on Azure SQL DataWarehouse (don't worry, still be a pizza break halfway through!). In his own words, he'll be covering:

"Azure SQL DataWarehouse is here and being pushed as the answer to huge structured data stores in the cloud, but what does that mean to you? Reflecting on a large-scale Azure SQLDW project, this session gathers together learnings, successes, failures and general opinions into a crash course in using Azure SQL DataWarehouse “properly”.

We'll start by quickly putting the technology in context, so you know WHEN to use it, WHERE it’s appropriate and WHY it works the way it does.

- Introducing the SQLDW technology

- Explaining distributions & performance

- Explaining polybase

We will then dive into HOW to use it, looking at some real-life design patterns, best practice and some “tales from the trenches” from a recent large Azure SQLDW project.

- Performance tips & tricks (designing for minimal data movement, managing distribution skew, CTAS, Resource classes and more)

- ETL Patterns (Surrogate keys & Orchestration)

- Common Mistakes & Pitfalls

- Conclusions & Recommendations"

So plenty of stuff to get into there.

As normal I'll be around from 18:00, and we'll aim to have Simon starting at 18:30. Good chance of a post meetup pint as well.

Please remember that you need to register to attend as security won't let you in if your name isn't on the list. So it's worth putting it down if you're not sure.