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Professional Business Networking has been going strong for over 17 years. We average 40 - 60 people a week and we are not shy about saying, "BRING ME THE MONEY"! We understand that Networking is about giving referrals. Infact: what if you developed friendships with 10 people in the group, and all they did was give you one referral a month?!? How would that change your business?!?

Networking Is A Way Of Life
Networking is about the success, confidence, and accomplishments achieved by working together and connecting people for mutually beneficial results. PBN is committed to advancing day-to-day business efficiency and productivity, attaining goals, and realizing a balanced life. PBN gives you the power to fulfill your professional and personal dreams.

Networking is an invaluable technique that anyone can use consistently for building contacts with people to share anything that is mutually beneficial.

PBN is focused on getting the right people together to be an active Business-to-Business Networking group:

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Increasing business
Increasing knowledge of other member's businesses
Improving networking skills

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