Come share a nice breakfast with us at the Crystal Creek Cafe and become a better business professional.

We only allow one person per profession to join our group and we have 2 speakers per week. One shares on their specific business so we can better refer them and the other shares on a topic of interest to business people in general such as marketing, motivation, networking etc.

Great food, great people, great learning and growth opportunities...

To Mastermind w/ other business professionals and have a group of people you get to know on a deep level that you can refer people in your sphere of influence to.

Remember you become the average, intellect, financial level and health of the people you surround yourself with. Come and be empowered and lifted up.

NOTE: This meeting has the same amazing networking format as our original meeting (#1) but another one (#2) is being offered to accommodate more peoples schedules. If your position is already filled in the original group, please join this one!


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