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Beginner Meditation - multi-week course class 4: the Four Foundations
Class four of the multi-week course will introduce the Four Foundations of Mindfulness . The Four Foundations are objects the yogi uses for mind training in the cultivation of calm abiding. The multi-week course is designed to introduce the mechanics and techniques of Shamatha meditation from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This course is ideal for those new to meditation and for those who wish to develop a strong foundation before embarking on the Vipashyana techniques offered in the 11:30 AM Intermediate class. The syllabus for the next several weeks is as follows: 02/04 - Overview of Meditation Practice (Introduction to the course) 02/11 - Basics of Sitting and basics of calming the mind 02/18 - Introduction to Mindfulness and Introspection (Vigilance) 02/25 - Four Foundations of Mindfulness 03/04 - Four Immeasurables 03/11 - Tonglen (Sending and Receiving) 03/18 - Introduction to Vipashyana; Part One: Afflictive Emotions 03/25 - Introduction to Vipashyana; Part Two: Three Marks of Existence ### No experience is needed; all are welcome. This Meetup group is hosted by Palyul Changchub Dargyeling, D.C. Area ( CLICK HERE ( to sign up for our weekly email newsletter. CLICK HERE ( to make tax deductible donations to PCD-DC. May All Beings Benefit!

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Almost every Sunday (please check our calendar) we offer a class on meditation instruction and practice. The class generally practices "calm abiding" (shiney/samatha) meditation, which is the art of calming the mind as taught in Tibetan Buddhism. The practice of meditation can enable a deeper insight into the nature of self and of the world to positively transform our relationship with ourselves and with others. No experience is needed. All are welcome.

We follow the teachings of the Palyul Lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Visit our website at

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