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Game Knight Lounge - most weeks!
If you are brand new to the group, please read all the way to the bottom of this note. Thanks! This is a good place to play games, get good food and drinks. Please patronize them. Game Knight Lounge is two blocks East of Legacy Hopspital at 3037 N. Williams Ave, cross street Monroe, walk South on Williams one business (on West side of street). Between Legacy and highway 99E on N. Williams Ave, cross street Monroe. There is a small parking lot which we can use on Saturdays. Also, street parking nearby. Get there early and you'll probably get street parking right in front. We'll start playing as soon as we can decide on a game. As others show up they can start another game. Please note that there is a $4 cover charge paid to the restaurant to play games. I always patronize a place where I play games. (There were too many gamers who didn't purchase anything at all.) CHAD our helper! We have a helper who will be around to greet you especially on Meetup events when I can not be there. This will allow us to run the event nearly every Saturday. Of course, you can always go play games there on Saturday in that time spot, even if we don't announce an event. Why the name Middleweight? Historically, our group has played Middleweight games (less than 2 hours and easy rules that do not require detailed explanation for half the time it takes to play). With so much choice available at the Game Knight Lounge, feel free to agree with those present to play any game you wish. SIGNING UP - PLEASE use the RSVP signup. It is important to use the RSVP function. While you are welcome to come without doing a sign up, it helps the attendance. When people see that others have already signed up, they are more likely to also RSVP.. If you can’t make an event, PLEASE do the right thing (reverse the RSVP) so that one of the people on the Waiting List, has a chance to join the fun. WAITLIST Be patient if you are on the waitlist, Meetup will automatically notify you if a space becomes available. I've set it to 10 for the moment, but we could probably go up to 12 people in the back area. . I'll very likely expand the size of the event if we get into waitlist state. I really like playing games and welcome you to come play. Byron Windhorst

Game Knight Lounge

3037 N Willaims Ave · Portland, OR

What we're about

Starting Time:

The Game Knight Lounge location opens at Noon, so I have entered 12:15 as a starting time. Feel free to arrive whenever it is convenient for you. We play all Saturday afternoon. They have an great selection of food, both carnivore and vegan. I encourage you to patronize the location. Yum!


We typically play games which are somewhere between lightweight games that need little to no strategic skill (like Yahtzee) and heavyweight games with complex rules and multi-hour lengths with lots and lots of small pieces which each seem to have their own rules.

Examples of games in the Middleweight range would be Splendor, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride - - - and the list goes on with games which are not too complex. However, since we have been at the new location at Game Knight Lounge on North Williams, some of the players perfer a bit more. I'm almost always there and eager to play the games mentioned above to introduce new players to games. The three mentioned above in bold are fairly easy to catch on to.

When a game claims to be Epic or if a game requires continued explanation of the rules HALFWAY through the play of the game, it's probably too complex for new players. When players don't like a game because it is too complex, it may cause them to think that all games we play are too complex, so we might only see that person attend one time. That's why we think games which last no more than two hours seem to work best. Shorter games around an hour and a half seem to work even better. Or, even an hour. Let's not scare new players away with difficult games.

At our new location, games are provided. They have a pretty wide selection so you no longer have to bring your own game. They probably have it right over there on the wall.

GOALS and You:

The group goals are to try new games, enjoy old favorites, and meet new people in a casual, friendly setting.

The organizer pays for the cost to So, we do NOT ask for donations of money. It's much more important for you to have fun playing games with the group.


When you RSVP, others see that you will be attending and are also encouraged to RSVP and attend.

IMPORTANT! If you cannot attend a meetup to which you're RSVPed "Yes", please change your RSVP to "No" as soon as you know you can't attend. This allows waitlist players a chance to attend, and we won't have to wait for you.

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