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***Updated With Our Scheduled Talks!***

We're back! It's been too long, but we're excited for us to get together again and share what we've been learning from our personal data.

Here's our agenda:
Informal Social and Gadget Time - Starting at 6pm
Come early to socialize with other QSers and share what hardware, apps, and other technologies are helping you track your life. Bring your gadgets so that we can all see them, play with them, and hear your experiences with them!

Intro and Announcements - 6:30 sharp!
After a short intro on what Quantified Self is for people who are new, Steven Jonas will share stories and highlight some fantastic talks from the recent Quantified Self conference in San Francisco, where he worked as QS's speaker coordinator.

Presentations (not necessarily in this order)
Allen Neuringer ( - A self-experimentation pioneer, Allen will share what he's been working on recently. You should read his 1981 paper: Self-Experimentation: A Call For Change (

Jeremiah Scott ( - Successfully funded this summer, Jeremiah will talk about his startup's brainwave tracking sleep mask, REMzen (

Ioan Mitrea ( - We'll have a short conversation with the founder of QS PDX about what he's tracked over the years, what he has stopped tracking and why.

Dietrich Ayala ( - The Xiaomi MiBand ( is a fitness tracker can be picked up online for $20 (with shipping). But is it worth it? Dietrich will share his experience with this inexpensive device.

David Crow ( - We'll have a short conversation with David on a couple of ongoing projects: a breathing sensor and a bluetooth-enabled bracelet.

Ryan Tinker ( - Ryan works on LuckySteps (, a corporate wellness program. We'll talk about what he's learned about changing behavior with data.