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The purpose of this meetup is to support, strengthen the heart/mind/body/soul after people, experiences, and situations made us doubt our abilities, strengths, and goodness of who we are.

This Meetup helps to fill your life recipe book with tools, skills, techniques, and experiences that help you pick yourself back up and dust yourself off to start moving forward. There may have meetups where we socialize, create art, laugh, special speakers, outings, and whatever else the group would like.

This is no longer just about divorce/grief/loss; it is really about moving through and beyond that to be the authentic, true self that build up your 'Feel Good' muscle. And to discover, take on, and fulfill the dream that is yours to claim and do.

I am a trained Life Coach, not a therapist. I also have the skill as a Master Reiki Teacher. SoulCollage Facilitator, Laughter Yoga Leader, and curious life long learner.

This Meetup is for you if...

• You are ready to take action for a positive, new future with new or revitalized dreams

• You want to build your resilience tools

• You want to make new friends and connect with others who know what you are going through, or have been through a situation you know about

This Meetup is NOT for you if...

- You want to vent, complain, rage, and stay stuck where you are

- You want to find a date

- You have something to sell or promote (including yourself)

** Please only RSVP if you are coming to the event. You will be removed on your 2nd No Show.

Kim Gordon-Cumbo http://www.theslaterhousepdx.com

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How to reawaken the wisdom of the heart with SoulCollage® Card Creation

Fall has arrived with the crisp cold air and sunny days. I brought out my sweaters from storage. Hot liquids and cozy blankets are my jam. And the urge to begin inner projects that are NOT house projects or planning the holidays starts tugging at my heart. I invite you to join in this class that is different from other ‘art’ or ‘creative’ collage projects This is for you if… -You are ready to be less outward focused (literally), and more inner focused -You want another tool to support, encourage, motivate, and awaken parts of you that may be sleeping -you want to stir the creativity in the actions of picking images, listening to intuition, and using imagination to create cut and paste a one of a kind card that reawakens the heart What to expect from this class? - There are usually 3 to 13 people to a class - It is a friendly and safe place for all humans over the age of 16 - Group activities that you are free to share in or not - Laughter, breathing, music, silence, smiles, and a damp eye or two - You will choose images, cut, paste, learn the wisdom and see the magic - All materials provided. Feel free to bring your own images. - Learn how to use your card/cards in your daily life to 'spark' the wisdom and magic -Create 1 to 3 cards to take home with you, plus handouts for future reference or PDF’s sent to you Price: $20 upon registration Please use Eventbrite link to register http://bit.ly/2opQhth Then RSVP on Meetup Limit of 13 persons 5 benefits to use and enjoy with SoulCollage® 1. Finding the meaning from the cards to explore meaningful life questions and life experiences 2. A multi-tool experience for self-exploration, acceptance, and growth 3. It is a self-care tool that is enjoyed while being with others and relaxing from the outside world 4. The thinking brain gets to take a break from the stress and strain of life by relaxing into creation 5. The combination of image, imagination and intuition can be used to energize the creator or artist within you, breaking the spell of creative blocks or boredom For more information please go to: www.soulcollage.com for a video on the home page with the founder Seena Frost making a SoulCollage® card from beginning to end.

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