TBD DATE & LOCATION! Bel Canto, Ann Patchett (2001)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
10:00 AM
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Due to the coronavirus epidemic and close quarters for this event, we have NO FORESEEABLE DATE OR LOCATION for this event. Please check the meeting date and location as the months progress. Hopefully, we won't have to delay even further, but I will assess the situation as summer 2021 progresses. Thanks so much and do take care!



Still looking for a suitable place for a large group to meet. To follow guidelines we may have to split the group into two smaller groups (same day/time/location). It's summer now so somewhere outdoors would be best and preferably covered. CHECK BACK DAY BEFORE MEETUP TO SEE IF THE LOCATION HAS CHANGED!

From Kirkus Review: "Combining an unerring instinct for telling detail with the broader brushstrokes you need to tackle issues of culture and politics, Patchett creates a remarkably compelling chronicle of a multinational group of the rich and powerful held hostage for months.

Patchett weaves individual histories of the hostages and the not-so-terrifying terrorists within a tapestry of their present life together. The most minor character breathes with life. Each page is dense with incident, the smallest details magnified by the drama of the situation and by the intensity confinement always creates. The outside world recedes as time seems to stop; the boundaries between captive and captor blur.

In pellucid prose, Patchett grapples with issues of complexity and moral ambiguity that arise as confinement becomes not only a way of life but also for some, both hostage and hostage-taker, a life preferable to their previous existence. Readers may intellectually reject the author’s willingness to embrace the terrorists’ humanity, but only the hardest heart will not succumb."

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Your annotated novel, any notes you may have taken, and two discussion questions written on separate slips of paper--plus whatever else you need to glide through an hour or two of far-ranging, engaging conversation-- open mind, adventurous spirit, sense of humor, etc..

I'll kick things off with a brief overview of the novel, emphasizing its key themes. Then your discussion questions will be folded up, thrown into a heap and selected at random for insightful rumination by the group. :-)

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