What we're about

This is for photography addicts who sometimes just wanna go shoot, and find it hard to find people to go shoot with.

So here it is.

We'll meet up and we'll shoot.

Events. Locations. Things. Doesn't matter.

We'll shoot 'em and, if we wanna, we'll share 'em.

The type of camera you use is irrelevant. It can be your cell phone, a DSLR, or something crazy, like a 360˚ VR camera which you might see me pull out from time to time.

The skill level you're at is also irrelevant. The point of this is not to get all pixel-peepy and ultra-geeky, but just to get outside and have some fun.

A little background on myself - I'm a professional photographer ( http://www.WasimOfNazareth.com ) and VR video producer ( http://www.SuperswellVR.com ). I'm working on my third year here, so I'm still fairly fresh to the PNW, don't know too many photographers yet, and there's just waaaaaaaaaay too much to explore alone.

Let's do this thing.

And while I'm more than happy to pay all the dues for this to happen, if you feel so inclined to drop a buck or two my way, my PayPal link is PayPal.Me/wasimofnazareth (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/wasimofnazareth)

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