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Is the Pursuit of Success Enough?

“When I was 18, I desperately wanted to be rich, successful and famous. Now I am all three, but I am not sure I am any happier.” ~ Somerset Maugham

• What are your goals?

• What are your dreams?

• Is the love you have for achieving your immediate goals the same love you are ultimately dreaming for?

• Could you sooner do without breathing than not getting to engage daily, the activities of your chosen profession?

• Have you found yourself wishing that your successes could represent more than a new framed certificate and few brief moments of the feeling of achievement?

• To what extent is what you do a true representation of who you really are?

More and more people are finding that what they do for work and what they dream for in life are two different things. Material success and achievement has not brought them the happiness and fulfillment that they expected it to.

Come join Nayaswami Daiva Glazzard , founder of Ananda Center at Laurelwood and Director of Ananda Portland as he explores the following subjects..

• Explore how to identify the real goal of life and how to find genuine fulfillment

• Understand the value and relevance of outer success in the grand scheme of things

• Recognize the problem with “THE SECRET” of getting what you want.

• Balancing the various elements of life

• Knowing peace at the center of it all

Nayaswami Daiva has a lifetime of involvement in both business and spiritual worlds. With an academic interest in the natural sciences and medical disciplines, Nayaswami Daiva turned his attention to exploring how business relations can lead to fulfillment in life. Finding success in various fields, he realized that this is not enough, and turned towards spiritual development. Over the decades, he has found that in applying spiritual principles to the practical needs of life, including business endeavors, success becomes much more than an accumulation of wealth and material goods. Nayaswami Daiva was introduced to Autobiography of a Yogi in 1982, began studying the teachings in 1983, moved to Ananda Village in 1985 and continues to practice and share these teachings daily.
Daiva founded his first business in construction in college. Since then, he has been involved in creating, managing and and leading different businesses and organizations.

Among these are:

• Director of Ananda Portland (Including: Ananda Temple and Teaching Center, Living Wisdom School and Ananda Community of Portland)

• Founder & Director of Ananda Center at Laurelwood and Ananda Community at Laurelwood

• Designer - Veritable Quandary Restaurant

• Founder/owner - Village Sleep Centers Founding partner

• Ananda Builders' Guild Manager, designer

• Song of the Rose Cafe Manager