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My Life With Master is a pen&paper roleplaying game which places players into a Gothic 19th century setting somewhere in Central Europe where they create and commandeer misshapen minions who struggle with a Master of classic Horror genre infamy. Think Dr. Frankenstein and Igor as an archetypal dynamic, as well as many others.

The game is very rule/mechanic-Lite (the rulebook is only 63 pages long, with small pages and reasonably large print) and is chiefly a story-telling game rather than an hack-n-slash, choose-one-of-a-thousand-skills-and-actions dice-rolling frenzy. It is played in "scenes," where players take turns framing an event with the GM and role play through it, ending with a single dice-role action - the results are then resolved and each player does this in equal turn, presumably to seem cinematic and avoid drawn-out scenes where other players might feel neglected.

A full game is comprised of several sessions, and each game begins with the players and GM collaboratively creating the titular "Master" who their characters will be slaves to. The players also create their characters together, as the point will be to have an ensemble of characters that everyone enjoys, and will therefore be interested in what happens to them.

It's a game about danger, horror, villainy and moral ambiguity. It works best with no small amount of emotional investment as the players guide their characters through harsh lives filled with insidious commands, painstaking attempts at finding love and finally working up the will to resist their master and slay him/her.

I have a physical copy of the book, but you're encouraged to peruse the PDF ( and get a feel for it. I would be the GM, unless someone more experienced with the position wishes to take it.

And bring your d4's. 'Cause that's what this game runs on.