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Thunderstone Advance

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Thunderstone is a deck-building game designed by Mike Elliott. In short, it looks at Dominion and says, "Hey, that's pretty fun and all, but I want to slay monsters too!"

During each player's turn one may choose to build their deck by purchasing a new card from the Village, fight a monster from the Dungeon Hall, "rest" and discard their hand in order to remove a card in it from the game (handy if you can't otherwise get rid of curse cards) or "Prepare" and replace any number of desired cards on top their deck so they are available the next draw.

Aside from the items, spells and weapons one can buy, players can also hire bona fide heroes which can level-up with the use of experience gained by killing monsters. The game ends when the Thunderstone Bearer (boss monster) is found and slain, then all players add up the victory points from monster trophies and level 3 heroes in their decks. The player with the most victory points wins.

I have the base Thunderstone Advance game, "Towers of Ruin" as well as the expansion/standalone "Numenera." I will bring both of them with me to work and if anyone RSVPs before I'm done between 12 noon and 1pm, I'll swing over to Red Castle to game it up.

And you should consider coming if possible; I live in a house of prolific gamers who can pick apart games like the most annoying critic, and they're decidedly pro-Thunderstone. It's a big deal.

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