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PDXEG's Sunday Reset at Lucky Lab Tap Room - Featuring Goblins Inc. and BYOG!!!

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Want to wring the last little bit of fun out of your weekend before Monday starts? Come on over to the Lucky Lab Tap Room and chill with a pint (they also have AWESOME home-made ginger ale; it's Norwegian-Approved!), a snack (pizza to die for) and good friends (several of whom you've yet to meet) as we throw some cubes in a tower, build wonders and empires, slay dragons, jump space - or try to, lose our sanity, truck some sh*t across the galaxy, take Tokyo, ride a magic carpet, explore mansions (and either get betrayed or find a scurrying, disembodied hand), ship indigo, try not to panic, fly dirigibles, have a good sniff, or chase away Camelot's shadows.

Bring a game or three and join us every other Sunday at the Lucky Lab Tap Room for a laid-back, laughter-infused evening of Table Top adventures. It's located in North Portland, so our friends in the 'couve can access it easily and it's close to TriMet bus line 72 and the Max yellow line for you commuters. There are THREE rooms of tables, and they're big. The rooms AND the tables. Perfect for gaming. You won't want to leave, and you'll wonder why we haven't done this sooner. The staff there is awesome, the food is great, so why the heck not? We can take the place over if we want to. And we will, eventually, which is good, because we'll need a bunker for when the Zombie Apocalypse happens.

Plus beer.

21+, please!

Life is short; make it Epic!!!

Goblins, Inc. is a corporation dedicated to building unstoppable giant doomsday robots, and it's looking for a new Boss. Do you have what it takes?
Team up with your greed-driven fellow goblins and build the ultimate doomsday robot. Meet other teams in epic battles and blow them up, but always remember, only one goblin can win because there is no "G" in team work!
The game plays over two-three rounds in which you partner up with each of your fellow players to try to build the ultimate giant doomsday robot – but the other players don't know which hidden agendas you must complete to impress the Boss! During the four phases of the round, the teams take turns designing, building and piloting their robots in order to destroy the other team and get one step closer to becoming the next Boss of Goblins, Inc.
This is a relatively short 4-player game. There will only be one copy at the Meetup, but I can teach it several times throughout the evening if there's enough interest. Just indicate in the comment section if you want to play it and we'll go from there. Of course, there will be other games to choose from, but please also bring whatever games you'd like and we'll decide what else to bring to the table.
See you at the Lab!