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Founded August 23, 2004.

We welcome four wheel drive enthusiasts who are interested in 4X4 outings, meeting people with various interests, and exploring Arizona. Our outings are challenging, historic, and just plain fun. A 4x4 automobile and a CB radio are required for group membership. Alcohol is not tolerated on trail runs with this group.

We are specific to 4x4 automobiles and do not accept members with quads, side-by-sides, etc. We try to keep similar types of vehicles running together at similar speeds on the trails. There are other local Meetup groups catering to other types of 4x4 vehicles.

We run trails from easy to moderate. If you are looking to tackle the toughest trails Arizona has to offer, a different group might better suit you.

All of our meetings are on the website or on the trail. If you are looking to socialize at a sports bar or restaurant, this is not the group for you.

Some of our trail runs have limited numbers. Once a trail run is full, a waiting list will be generated. Other trail runs are not limited in size and can range up to 20 or 25 vehicles. Our organizers generally do not let trail runs get any larger than that.

Membership Steps

Due to the possible dangers we could encounter on the trail, this group requires a signed liability release form called a Hold Harmless Agreement that we keep on file. Before participating in any group runs, this form must be signed.

1) After you request membership via the Meetup site, you will be a Pending Member and not able to sign up for trail runs yet.

2) I will send you the liability release form for you to sign and return.

3) Once I receive your liability release form, I will accept you as a member and you can start joining us on trail runs.

Note: If I do not receive the liability release form in a timely manner (generally 10- 15 days), I will decline your membership request. Do not be offended if this happens. It's easier for me to keep the pending member list small and organized. If you are removed from being a pending member and you're still interested in joining, you can simply repeat the membership process.

Inactive Member Removal

To save us both some time, please DO NOT request membership to this group if you do not plan to sign the form and be active on our outings. Inactive members will periodically be removed from the group.

To remain an active member, you must:

1) Attend a trail run at least once per year.

2) Visit our web site at least once every six months.

Note: Any member who has not participated in a trail run within the last year or has not visited the group's web site within the last six months will be removed from the member list. This should not be taken as a personal insult, but should be understood as an effort to keep the group free of inactive members. If you receive an e-mail that you have been removed and you want to continue with the group, just head back to the home page and hit "Join Us" again. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact me through the Contact link located below the Organizers list.

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