We will run Bloody Basin Road from I-17 at the Aqua Fria National Monument to Care Free. This is a stock-friendly run mostly on a pretty well graded road. The route passes the historic Horseshoe Ranch and the 51 Ranch (51 miles from Phoenix). We will take two side to the Pueblo La Plata ruins, and one to a petroglyphs site near another set of ruins. There are thousands of pottery shards at the La Plata ruins all over the ground.

We will pass near Turret Peak, where one of the last Apache Massacres took place in the late 1800s giving rise to the "Bloody Basin" name.

This route goes through some high country, 5,000 feet plus in elevation, with beautiful views out over the Rio Verde valley, and perhaps some snow.

We'll air down just off the highway at the entrance to the Aqua Fria Monument, and air up near the beginning of the paved portion of Cave Creek Road in Care Free.