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White Crane Silat (KunTao) is a great workout in all areas and helps us in staying centered and building that healthy, well-balanced life in the midst of it all. We focus on using the movements of our traditional Chinese-Indonesian martial art and movement practice to harmonize mind, body and spirit.

Classes integrate vigorous athletic work (stretching, punching, kicking, floor work), flowing and relaxed traditional whole-body movements and partner work (pushing hands, light sparring). Continued practice aims at developing a strong, healthy, yet flexible body.

All movements are centered around health and longevity and truly are a meditation in motion. Through movement the relationships between one’s mind and one’s body, between oneself and the environment, and between oneself and others are explored.

White Crane Silat is a style of KunTao. It is a path (Tao). As a path it has a lineage, a heritage that’s passed the test of time. It is a holistic system, where elements reinforce and strengthen each other – not a collection of individual movement patterns.

PGB Bangau Putih HK is part of the global PGB family, which has branches across Asia, Europe and the United States. Under the leadership of its current Grandmaster, Suhu Gunawan Rahardja, PGB continues the school’s martial and healing traditions and preserves its unique cultural heritage.

Sounds cool, but not sure what all this looks like? Need to see it?

=> Visit www.pgbhk.com for more information

=> Check out this mini documentary about our main training center in Indonesia:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3wXKXEmrIU (training starts from 2:00 min onwards)


(partner work and sparring)

http://www.silatnyc.org/photovideo.html (Long movements, partner work - courtesy of our New York Group)

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Martial Arts Movement Basics - White Crane Silat (KunTao)

CLASS BOOKING HAS BEEN MOVED TO FACEBOOK ------------------------------------------------- https://www.facebook.com/pgbhk.kuntao/ ------------------------------------------------- Join us for Martial Arts Movement Basics - White Crane Silat (KunTao) Saturdays 5:30-7pm at our gorgeous new space in Central - first trial class is on us :) If you're looking for a fun workout to explore Mobility, Movement, Connection and Mindfulness - we got you covered. Our classes integrate dynamic athletic work, flowing whole-body movements, partner work, and meditation. To us it's about community, fun and the joy of movement - everyone is welcome ------------------------------------------------- Learn more: www.pgbhk.com Book: https://www.facebook.com/pgbhk.kuntao/ ------------------------------------------------- First time trial: free Single drop-in class: HKD 200 Prepay 3 or more classes: HKD 150 each All class fees payable in cash at beginning of class ------------------------------------------------- Terms & Conditions apply: https://pgbhk.com/classes ------------------------------------------------- #hongkong #hk #fitness #movement #bodymovement #move #training #workout #hkfitness #hkmovementculture #hkyoga #mindfulness #meditation #yoga #mindbody #martialarts #kuntao #kungfu #silat #whitecrane #pgbbangauputih #whitecranekungfu #shaolin #kampfsport #kampfkunst

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