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Physics and Metaphysics. God doesn't throw Dice.

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In conjunction with Brighton Science Festival, we shall discuss:

Physics and Metaphysics. God doesn't throw Dice.

It has become quite popular in recent years to compare the findings of modern Physics with the ideas of Eastern Mysticism and conclude there is a common outcome.

Einstein spent much of his life looking for a Unified Field Theory to combine all the known physical forces. Quantum theory describes the 'ground state energy' from which all matter arises, implying there isn't 'nothing', but a state of virtual existence.

Eastern Mysticism, for example the philosophy of Advaita- meaning not two, has at it's heart the underlying unity of all, and that everything originates from one Source- be it God, Consciousness, The Absolute etc.

Are these ideas merely analogous, or is there really a 'God Equation' that not only explains the physical universe, but the metaphysical universe as well? Or can the central order to the cosmos be only directly apprehended through mystical union?

If this interests you then take time out from your usual Sunday afternoon and spend a couple of hours in the company of other kindred spirits.

Entrance is free, just pay for your own scrummy cakes and refreshments


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