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Can we justify eating meat?

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30 years ago I went off the taste and idea of eating meat. I thought this was perhaps due to having started meditation on a regular basis. I eventually gave up eating meat completely and became a strict vegetarian. I even became vegan.

Having given up meat I took on board the different arguments of vegetarianism, namely: ethical, economic, health, and spiritual.

I brought my children up as vegetarians. However, in my professional life, while looking at nutrition, I came across eating according to one’s blood type. I changed patient’s diets accordingly and saw good results. This posed a dilemma as myself and family really should have been carnivores. I became ill and was informed my protein intake was poor. I eventually starting eating fish, which I still do, and enjoy very much. My health has improved accordingly.

So, now let’s take a fresh look at the justification for eating meat.

If this interests you then take time out from your usual Sunday afternoon and spend a couple of hours in the company of other kindred spirits.

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