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PEACE LOVE FREEDOM TRUTH & JUSTICE are the five spiritual ideals of a greater humanity. And when enough people share a philosophy committed to these spiritual ideals, it can be co-created into reality. This philosophy I've named IDEALISM. Of course, it begs the question: how many people are enough? I don't have the answer, but it's good enough for me to find those people one at a time. Nevertheless, the four essential qualities in my opinion that are required if someone is ready, willing and able to commit to these spiritual ideals are as follows: maturity, integrity, humility and of course spirituality. My brand of spirituality is simply connecting to the human experience and the human condition with the belief that we are brothers and sisters somehow someway regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual preference, etc.

Promoting PEACE LOVE FREEDOM TRUTH & JUSTICE can take various creative forms. So I welcome whatever creativity you wanna bring to the proverbial table, especially art. And if creativity is not necessarily your forte, you can still participate with inspiration and passion. My specialty is with music. I enjoy and embrace playing songs on the guitar that promote PEACE LOVE FREEDOM TRUTH & JUSTICE including copies and originals. Some of my favorites include JOHN LENNON'S IMAGINE, RICHIE HAVENS' FREEDOM, BOB MARLEY'S REDEMPTION SONG and BOB DYLAN'S I SHALL BE RELEASED. Consequently, like minded musicians and singers are most welcome. I play various music styles including blues, country, folk, rock, pop, jazz and gospel.

I'll be 60 in September and I still work full-time 130pm-930pm which I euphemistically refer to as a social worker. More specific details of that will be forthcoming. Consequently, my free time are THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS. But I'm still available in the mornings to discuss/address matters before I start my shift. Promoting PEACE LOVE FREEDOM TRUTH & JUSTICE is the most noble endeavor of any human being. It's also possible, if not probable that this will be a financial opportunity. And if it is, I intend to share that financial reward by helping the homeless, abused women/children and abandoned animals. What say you?

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