Monthly Meetup (November 2019)

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About this Meetup
Tuesday november 19th we organize a new Meetup in Leeuwarden! Want to know more about Laravel? Join us!

About the speaker (Roy Voetman)
Roy Voetman is a Laravel webdeveloper at NoardCode with a healthy interest in everything digital.

Talk (Laravel Behind the Scenes)
I am Roy Voetman and I've been working with Laravel for quite some time. I have decided to dig deep in Laravel's core to find out how this amazing framework works behind the scenes. During this talk, I will explain how Laravel works under the hood, from getting a request in index.php to rendering the response back to the client. In addition, I would like to show you some cool "magic" that is happening behind the scenes. Since this is quite advanced, I will split the talk into two parts. First I will talk a little theory to make sure we are all on the same page, next we will begin our journey into the depths of laravel's core.

The talk will be in English or Dutch.

- 19.00 / Walk in
- 19.30 / Welcome
- 19.35 / Laravel Behind the Scenes
- 21.00 / Closing and social

Hortensiastraat[masked] HD Leeuwarden