Using GitLab CI & Runners for effective code quality

PHP & Laravel development Eindhoven
PHP & Laravel development Eindhoven
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We continue in the DevOps area with a sort of follow-up on our previous talk. Now Gerben Geijteman will dive deep into GitLab CI & Runners and tell us how the enhance the quality of your code.

The lecture:
Using GitLab CI & Runners for effective code quality. Recently the focus on delivering high quality PHP code has intensified and this drive has been supported by increasingly effective QA tooling such as AST (Abstract Syntax Tree), use of CI/CD and with tons of community driven tooling. In the search to reduce bugs and to lean how to be a better coder I have been building my ultimate setup in GitLab which gives me near-instant feedback on the code I'm driving. I want to show you what I learned so far.

This talk is aimed at the more advanced PHP programmer with an interest in a sidestep to the DevOps field.


About Gerben Geijteman:
Gerben is a Dutch specialist in fast, tailored hosting services. He works as a hosting & DevOps consultant. He can be found at


About the location:
We are back at Senet HQ ( Senet provides us a marvelous place with food (pizza) and drinks. Everybody is encouraged to attend about an hour prior to the lectures, so we can have a chat while enjoying our food.

Senets nice building is located just outside the Ringweg in the south of Eindhoven, near the gorgeous Genneper Parken. Loads of free parking spaces are available around the building.


About the meetup:
• attending the meetup is free (as in free beer);
• free food (pizza) and free drinks are provided!;
• food is available between 18:00 and 19:00;
• prize raffle every meetup;
• the lecture will start at 19:00;
• spoken language is English unless not necessary;
• the presentation is in English;
• suitable for novice to expert level;
• held at Senet HQ;
• free parking spaces are right around the building.