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PHP Sussex
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International House

Queens Rd · Brighton

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We're on the 2nd floor of International House, Queens Road.

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Since the launch of PHP Sussex we've managed to attract speakers from all over the south to speak. For this session, we're chuffed that two regulars from Brighton will be giving talks. Join us on the first Wednesday of November to hear what they have to say!

Feliksas Mazeikis is a Software Engineer at Inviqa, who got the job offer for knowing Symfony, but then was thrown into depths of Drupal 8 projects for three years.

Come along for a lighthearted "The State of Drupal" talk, that will be equally divided between marketing hype jibberish and ranting by a BE dev who uses Drupal 8 in Production. We'll go through facts compilation by the Drupal community, and then will look at some real-life examples and actual reasons why you should (or shouldn't) use D8 for your next project.

Next up, Mark Dain, Senior Developer at Holidays Taxis, will be delivering 'A Gentle Introduction to Monads'.

Ever wondered what a Monad is? It's become quite a meme online to inflate it's perceived difficulty, with lines like "a monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the problem?". They are often touted as the hardest thing to understand in Computer Science, but is that reputation deserved?

Come and learn what they are in a gentle walkthrough which will hopefully expose you to some interesting ways of writing software that's better structured and easier to reason about.

As usual, we'll have a fridge full of beer and a smattering of soft drinks for you to tuck in to.

The talks are designed to be accessible and useful to all skill levels so all are welcome. Any questions or concerns, let us know. We're a friendly bunch!