• PHP Sussex | 'The serverless LAMP stack' & 'Headless WordPress with Gatsby'

    After a summer break in August, PHP Sussex is back with a bang in September. Join us online from 7pm for two talks that'll round off the summer nicely!

    *** Introducing the serverless LAMP stack | Ben Smith, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS ***

    AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, MySQL, PHP - it’s LAMP but not as you know it. In this session, Ben will show why there has never been a better time to build serverless applications with PHP.

    Using this new LAMP stack to build serverless applications allows PHP developers to benefit from the agility and scalability enabled by the serverless paradigm, all without needing to manage servers.

    He’ll demo how to get started running your PHP code using functions as a service. You’ll learn how to connect to databases at scale with spiky workloads, and continue to use your favourite libraries and tools, without impacting performance or availability.

    Learn how to become a serverless PHP developer, and use the world’s most popular web runtime to build scalable, agile apps without the server management.

    *** Headless Wordpress with Gatsby | Kevin Cunningham, Partner & Developer @ Spin Up & PHP Sussex Co-organiser ***

    WordPress is a CMS that is written in PHP and runs a large percentage of the internet.

    Gatsby is a framework built on React that statically generates websites.

    WordPress is sometimes painted as being boring, old, obsolete. Gatsby is still a newish kid on the block and is a great platform to learn React.

    Statically built websites are more secure (they don’t hit the database), are generally more performant (they are served as files from edge CDNs) and have all of the SPA advantages of client-side applications.

    In this talk, Kevin will take you on a journey from WordPress to Gatsby - allowing you to use your awesome PHP skills while levelling up on GraphQL and React.

    As always, we'll have some time to catch up at the start. Beers, tea and/or pizza is recommended!

  • PHP Sussex | Online Meetup | July 2020

    Online event

    Join us this July for a remote session of PHP Sussex.

    We've got two cracking talks for you this evening - one is technical, and the other will help you navigate your career.

    Oliver Davies, Senior Software Engineer at Inviqa and core Drupal contributor, will be discussing how to use Ansible, Ansible Vault and Ansistrano to deploy PHP applications. All useful stuff!

    Mark Taylor, Lead Architect at DealTrak and co-organiser of Leeds PHP, will be talking about the journey from Developer to Architect. One of the big upsides to hosting these meetups remotely is that any other communities can join us. Hopefully we'll show Mark a warm Sussex welcome!

    We'll be online from 7pm - reserve you place to reveal the Zoom link.

  • PHP Sussex | Online Meetup | June 2020

    Online event

    Join us this June for a remote session of PHP Sussex.

    Zvonimir Spajic, Software Engineer with madewithlove, will be delivering his talk, 'Get, Set... STOP!'.

    Wikipedia defines Cargo cult programming as "Ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose."

    One behaviour, deeply embedded into the hearts and minds of many software developers, is the creation of getters and setter on entities. It's so widespread that IDEs have tools to do it automatically.

    Why do we do it? Does it serve some purpose or is it just a cargo cult programming ritual?

    Next up, Rob Waller, Senior Software Developer of 15 years, will be delivering his talk, 'How to communicate quality'.

    A new talk from his 'Prove your code works' series, he'll explore professional code practices and observability within software engineering.

    You can read more about Rob here: https://rbrt.wllr.info/

    Hopefully we'll see you there!

  • PHP Sussex - Remote | April 2020

    Online event

    We are going to be holding PHPSussex remotely on April 1st due to current events (no this isn't an early April Fool's Day joke!).

    Sadly, we won't be able to provide pizza or beer for the evening but we will be able to provide two great talks.

    If you sign up with your email here, we'll send a Zoom link out to join.

    This could be great! We'll have time for chatting and the like as well and hope to see you there.


    Arik Freeman describes himself as a software veteran, hardware enthusiast and tech solution opportunist! He is the Lead Software Solutions at Architect Automation Squared. He will be delivering his talk on 'Rapid Product Prototyping - How to build and manage MVPs'.

    MVP-focused, we'll step through the process of looking at a specification, identifying essential components, consider various tech stacks and put fingers on keyboards. We'll also cover contingency strategies and how to balance expectations with delivery.


    Mike Street is CTO and lead developer for Brighton-based agency Liquid Light. Building large-scale websites for NGOs and the financial sector, Liquid Light relies on the enterprise open-source CMS TYPO3 for most of their websites. He'll be giving his talk on, 'Digital bucket list for people in the web'

    We spend so much time with our heads down, doing our day job that we sometimes forget to look up, look around and explore the other technologies around us - even for 5 minutes.

    I'm a big believer in learning through experiments and, throughout my career, I have drawn on side-projects, hack sessions, quick bodges and Codepens to improve my workflows and confidence in writing code. I use any opportunity to create a small tool or widget - even if it will only be used once and my general "digital knowledge" is all the better for it.

    This talk is about encouraging people to explore beyond the restraints of their job and includes several items to add to their "bucket list". Things that everyone should do, which will help them expand their awareness of the technologies around them


    We'll kick-off at 7pm with the talks and opportunities for questions, answers and chat.

    Hope to see you there!

  • PHP Sussex | March 2020

    International House

    Given up on those new year resolutions yet? Want to spend the evening eating pizza and talking all things PHP? If so, we've got just the night for you!

    We've got two talks lined up for March:


    Joel Jenvey, Solution Architect at Efficio and co-organiser of PHP Hampshire, will be delivering his talk, 'Practical Web Sockets in PHP'.

    Users these days are demanding ever more responsive and high fidelity experiences on the Web. As Web Developers, we feel comfortable using HTTP request to implement our client-server use-cases, but there are lots of problems which could be better solved another way.

    WebSockets have been around for a long time and are well supported, allowing servers to drive the client-server conversation. In this talk, we'll look at the protocol itself, and then show how we can write high-quality socket servers in PHP. It is a world full of possibilities!


    Naomi Gotts is a Software Engineer working with Impartner UK, who build SaaS products to drive engagement for global names like SAP, Siemens, Kaspersky and Autodesk. She'll be delivering her talk, 'How PhpSpec changed the way I think about code'.

    The term "Behaviour Driven Development" is commonplace at the (user) story level, but how about at the code specification level? We'll explore where PhpSpec enters the equation, how it does and doesn't differ to PhpUnit, and demonstrate its power to force you to think about the architecture of your code.


    People usually arrive around 18:30 and the first talk will start at 19:00.

    As usual, we'll have a fridge full of beer, a smattering of soft drinks and a silly amount of Pizza Face to tuck in to.

    See you there!

  • PHP Sussex | February 2020

    International House

    Join us for the first PHP Sussex meetup of 2020!

    We have two talks planned. One from Dave Liddament and the other from our very own Rowan Tommins.


    Dave Liddament will be delivering his talk 'PHP Generics Today (almost)'.

    Ask PHP developers which big feature they wished PHP had and many would say generics. Hopefully one day they'll be implemented at language level, but what if we want them now?

    This talk starts with a deep delve into generics and the benefits of them. We'll then look at how existing static analysis tools can be configured to (almost) give us generics in PHP now.

    Dave is a director and developer at Lamp Bristol, a software consultancy. He’s been writing software commercially for over 17 years in many languages including C, Python, Java and PHP.

    Dave is keen to pass on his knowledge. He speaks at conferences and user groups. He is an organiser of PHP-SW. He also runs a monthly workshop that covers topics including testing, CI and git.

    He is also the author of an open source tool called SARB (static analysis results baseliner).

    When not busy coding Dave enjoys scuba diving and running


    Rowan's talk is 'l10n > t9n' (Localisation is more than Translation).

    So, you've built a nice popup menu with flags that change "Buy Now" to "Kaufe Jetzt" or "Koop Nu" or a dozen other languages; you're ready to sell around the world! Maybe not... In this talk, we'll look at a few of the things you'll need to do to make your website or app truly international.

    Rowan Tommins is a Senior Developer / Architect at Holiday Taxis, and co-organiser of PHP Sussex. It's been 20 years since he studied German, and he's never lived outside the UK, but he's fascinated by the variety of language and culture around the world.


    As usual, we'll have a fridge full of beer, a smattering of soft drinks and a silly amount of Pizza Face to tuck in to.

    See you there!

  • PHP Sussex | Festive Social!

    HolidayTaxis Ltd

    What a year it's been for PHP Sussex! After a relaunch over the summer, we've been lucky enough to have guest speakers travel from all over the south coast to speak at our meetups.

    To celebrate, we're keeping things simple in December. Join us for the PHP Sussex Festive Social!

    You don't need to have been to one of our previous meetups to come along. Brighton has a bustling tech community so we're hoping some will choose to kick off the celebratory Christmas season with us.

    Join us in the Holiday Taxis offices from 18:30 for a smörgåsbord of festive snacks and beverages before we head over to a reserved area in the nearby Walrus pub for the rest of the night.

    See you there!

  • PHP Sussex | November

    International House

    Since the launch of PHP Sussex we've managed to attract speakers from all over the south to speak. For this session, we're chuffed that two regulars from Brighton will be giving talks. Join us on the first Wednesday of November to hear what they have to say!

    Feliksas Mazeikis is a Software Engineer at Inviqa, who got the job offer for knowing Symfony, but then was thrown into depths of Drupal 8 projects for three years.

    Come along for a lighthearted "The State of Drupal" talk, that will be equally divided between marketing hype jibberish and ranting by a BE dev who uses Drupal 8 in Production. We'll go through facts compilation by the Drupal community, and then will look at some real-life examples and actual reasons why you should (or shouldn't) use D8 for your next project.

    Next up, Mark Dain, Senior Developer at Holidays Taxis, will be delivering 'A Gentle Introduction to Monads'.

    Ever wondered what a Monad is? It's become quite a meme online to inflate it's perceived difficulty, with lines like "a monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the problem?". They are often touted as the hardest thing to understand in Computer Science, but is that reputation deserved?

    Come and learn what they are in a gentle walkthrough which will hopefully expose you to some interesting ways of writing software that's better structured and easier to reason about.

    As usual, we'll have a fridge full of beer and a smattering of soft drinks for you to tuck in to.

    The talks are designed to be accessible and useful to all skill levels so all are welcome. Any questions or concerns, let us know. We're a friendly bunch!

  • PHP Sussex | October

    International House

    Join us for the October instalment of PHP Sussex!

    We've been fortunate to have some brilliant talks in recent months. This is shaping up to continue that tradition!

    Pete Heslop from Steadfast Collective will be joining us to deliver his talk, 'The Smart Creatives'.

    ‘How it works’ by Eric Schmidt describes a ‘smart creative’ as a person that doesn’t chase compensation; they pursue the ability to cause change and disrupt industries.

    Through his experience of founding and running three digital businesses over eight years, Pete discovered that a critical element relating to the growth and success of the companies has been working with smart creatives. Teams thrive when these questioning and focused generalists catch the vision and run with it.

    He'll share his experience of switching your thinking to become more ‘smart creative’ and explore how to spot, and then grow, smart creatives to their full potential.

    Mark Bradley, Principal Software Engineer at Sainsbury's, will be presenting 'Test Driven Development: Dipping your toe into tests first'.

    A keen protagonist of Test Driven Development, he launched his own screen cast, 'Testing All the Things' in the Spring, to teach the wider community how to practice Test Driven Development and Automated Testing.

    During this talk, we'll explore the concepts of Test Driven Development; what is it, why should you use it and how to use it! We'll finish with a Mob Programming session where you can join in on 'TDD-ing' a simple piece of code.

    For those of you that haven't been before, the format of the evening is usually:

    18:30: Arrival
    19:00: First talk
    19:30: Pizza Face delivered
    19:45: Pizza Face all gone!
    20:00: Second Talk
    20:30: Some people go home, whilst others will head to the Prince Albert. It's up to you!

    As usual, we'll have a fridge full of beer and a smattering of soft drinks for you to tuck in to.

    The talks are designed to be accessible and useful to all skill levels so all are welcome. Any questions or concerns, let us know. We're a friendly bunch!

  • PHP Sussex | September

    International House

    Celebrate / commiserate the end of summer with the September edition of PHP Sussex!

    We've got a special event planned for this one. Two of the co-organisers of PHP Dorset, Dave and Chris, will be making the journey along the coast to meet us and deliver talks. We're looking forward to hosting them!

    Dave Hulbert, Engineering Director at We Are Base and Passenger, will be discussing 'Debugging our biases and intuition in software development'.

    In this talk, Dave will go through the ups and downs of heuristics and biases that exist in a developer's world. We'll look at ways to reduce any resulting fallacies, whilst still taking advantage of the performance improvement.

    Dave leads a team of developers, working on apps, APIs and everything in-between. Coming from a software development background, he has had ample opportunity to learn from his mistakes and now focuses on helping others avoid them.

    Chris Sherry, Senior Developer at Createful, will also be presenting his talk, 'Pets and Pandas'.

    This talk covers his experiences as a 24/7 support developer for a variety of systems, some of which had over a million active users. He'll introduce some short term fixes to get you out of sticky situations with servers, websites and APIs at 2am on a Saturday evening.

    Chris is a senior full stack developer and speaker. An advocate of developer communities, he has spoken at user group conferences including PHP South Coast, PHPUK, PHPSW and WordPress London.

    Join us at International House from 18:30 for beers, pizza and conversation.

    All are welcome. Hopefully see you there!