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This will be our second session on Being and Time.

Session 2 will be pages[masked], division one section III, the Worldhood of the World.

New attendees are welcome.

Heidegger plan

Being and Time over 7 sessions.

Then potentially volumes 3 and 4 of Heidegger’s Nietzsche over 6-8 additional sessions, if there is continued interest.

Cadence is every 3 weeks if possible. Last session 36-42 weeks after first, about nine or ten months total.

Being and Time use Harper Perennial Macquarrie and Robinson translation. Here is an Amazon link to the right edition -

Session 1 May 2019 pages 21-90, sections introduction, division one sections I and II, Exposition of the Task and Being in the World as the basic state of Dasein.

Pay special attention to section 9 pages 67-71 and sections 12-13 pages 78-90, which we will read aloud together. Even if you only skim everything else, read those 17 pages carefully and prepare questions about them. They are fundamental to the entire project.

Session 2 will be pages[masked], division one section III, the Worldhood of the World.

Session 3 pages[masked], division one sections IV and V, Being With, the They, Being In as such

Session 4 pages[masked], division one section VI, Care as the Being of Dasein

Session 5 pages[masked], division two sections I and II, Being towards death, the conscience

Session 6 pages[masked], division two sections III and IV, Temporality and Care, Temporality and Everydayness

Session 7 pages[masked], division two sections V and VI, Historicality and Within-Time-ness

This gets us through the whole work over 7 sessions, allowing us to digest it about 70-80 pages at a time and to discuss everything that comes up along the way. In the first session there are just 17 pages to pay closest attention to, and we will read those aloud together in person to ensure everyone has a solid grounding in what the subject matter is here.

We will discuss at our next session on ancient skepticism, any go through the proposed plan. Newcomers welcome as always.