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When is it Okay to Hate?

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What exactly is hatred, why do we hate, and what does it have to do with Philosophy? In a world of increasing political protests, unfounded character assassination, physical violence, hatred of hateful people, and atrocities perpetrated against our fellow man, when is it okay to hate? How, for example, is hatred based on class different than hatred based on race?

When is it okay to hate such things/people as: >George W. Bush
>War >The Rich (and/or not allegedly paying one's "fair share" and/or being "greedy")
>The Banking Industry
>Big Oil
>Pharmaceutical companies
>Wall St
>Conservatives (e.g., Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity) and The Tea Party
>Insurance companies
>Automobile industry
>Profit motives
>Freedom, Individual rights, and Free markets

Should people hate those in industries that provide what people need, but not degrade the what wealthy people provide what they don't really need (pro sports/superstar athletes, Hollywood and its ultra-wealthy movie stars, supermodels, etc.)?

When is it Okay to Hate?


  • Steve

    6:15 tonight, Tuesday, November 8. And, I understand the list above is one-sided. But beyond bombing of abortion clinics and killing of abortion doctors, I think you'll be hard-pressed to find the same kind of examples vehemence that I'll be mentioning at the Meetup. As for Tea Party rallies, they seem pretty peaceful protests of an extremely dysfunctional, ultra-control-freak political philosophy; which is not (in my mind) necessarily "hate" motivated, but possibly rational.

    6 years ago
  • Steve

    Is merely pointing out extreme dysfunction "hate"? And is hating the alleged "haters" rational?

    6 years ago
  • Steve

    As far as "I was hoping to find people who can argue both sides. "Debates" where A takes position X and B takes position Y are tiresome and unproductive. I'm looking to map the truth, not have a dumb online back-and-forth in real life." It is not my intention to conduct Meetups online. That's why do them face to face, in public. For those that can withstand the scrutiny of their ideas. (I don't like this commentary section, because it's mostly for those people who won't show up at Meetups...)

    6 years ago