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Watchmen: Philosophy

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Watchmen: Philosophy

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This meeting will dive into the ideas presented in the movie "Watchmen".
Each charter in the film represents a philosophical idea, or a specific philosophy.
The meeting has required homework before attending.
1. See the movie. (reading the comic is a bonus)
2. Identify the ideas behind each character.
3. Be prepared to present your ideas.
I will have a copy of the film on-hand at the meeting. Contact me if you would like to show a segment. This film contains adult content.
For some additional background on the ideas behind the film. Watchmen is partly a response to the comics written by Steve Ditko, called "Mr. A" and "Avenging World".
The character Rorschach is a critique of Mr. A and the ideas that inspired Steve Ditko (the philosophy of Ayn Rand).
Please note: I do not endorse the personal philosophy of Alan Moore. With that said, the Watchmen is a tremendous artistic and literary achievement.