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Philosophy in Pubs is about bringing conversations of a philosophical nature into public places for communities to engage in. Our groups offer a friendly open space for people to explore interesting ideas in a collaborative, caring, critical and creative way.

Anyone who is interested in thinking and talking about questions about how we understand the world and act within it is welcome to join. No experience in philosophy is necessary.

We employ the Community of Enquiry method to try to explore the topic of the evening. All will be explained on the night! For more, see http://www.philosophyinpubs.co.uk/.

The Abingdon Philosophy in Pubs Group started in early 2017. The Reading one started up in May 2018: Do join their Facebook group to join the conversation: https://www.facebook.com/groups/451578931943511/ . If you would like to help start a Philosophy in Pubs group in your area, please get in touch.

Note that our events will also be emailed, to people on the Oxford PIPs group Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Philosophy-in-Pubs-Oxford.

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PIPs Reading: Business ethics & CSR

The Great Expectations

CSR - corporate social responsibility. Couldn’t fit it in the title!! Work, work, work, work, work...we all have to make a living somehow. In this session, the underlying questions we want to answer include whether or not there is an ethical way to make a profit (and of course, why/why not) and what sort of principles or values companies should abide by. Do business really have a duty of care towards their employees, customers, competitors and the environment, and what is or should the extent of this duty be? Are there certain kinds of “products” or “services” such as healthcare or education which should not be treated as matters of business; conversely, do these areas benefit from competition and cost cutting? Are some businesses just inherently immoral and are initiatives like fair trade really as impactful as they’d like to be?

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PIPs Abingdon - Saying Sorry

The Brewery Tap, Abingdon

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