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This group is open to all adults Ages 21 and over, single and married, who love meeting new people, building friendships, laughing, playing, and going on adventures. Some of the many activities we have enjoyed since our inception in September 2015 include party-game nights, bowling, hiking, canoeing, art classes, retro movie nights, stand-up comedy shows, plantation tours, laser tag, music shows, and much more! All kind, good people are welcomed and encouraged to join in the fun!

NOTE: If you are among the many people who tend to feel shy and uncomfy showing up alone, you are always welcomed to bring a friend (or two or three). However, if you cannot find a friend available or game for a particular event you're interested in attending, I encourage you to be brave and show up, anyway. I promise to make a consistent effort to communicate exactly where or how to find us when you get there, and you will be warmly, joyfully welcomed and quickly introduced to others so you will feel comfy and so glad you came. ;)

A PS RE EVENT PHOTOS: The Group Album/photo feature on Meetup is not currently one that I am comfortable using as a means of sharing event photographs. If you'd like to take photos during our Meetup events for your personal use or to share via phone or email with friends, please feel free to do so. I have been told that the Meetup team is currently working on some changes to the Group Album/photo feature, and we can reevaluate when that work is complete. In the meantime, thanks so much for your cooperation and patience in this matter.

NO-SHOW POLICY: A "no-show" is a member who RSVPs for an event, never changes their RSVP to "Not Going," and does not attend the event. No-shows wreak havoc on Meetup events and are likely the greatest source of discouragement, stress, and frustration among Organizers. Additionally, no-shows negatively impact events for those who do attend. I have a very "inclusive" attitude and want each of you to be a part of this special group. However, with the privilege of being a member of this group comes responsibility. Members are required to respectfully handle Meetup's RSVP system. (I will always send an event reminder prior to each event; it is up to you to properly establish and maintain Meetup settings that allow you to receive event messages in a timely manner.) Because we are all human and can be responsible and still, on rare occasion, slip up or have life throw a crazy ball our way, the PLAY BATON ROUGE No-Show Policy allows two no-show "oopsies" during the course of your membership in this group. If you choose to allow yourself a third no-show, you are choosing to be eliminated from the group. I would love this to never happen, but I want to make sure we respect the establishments we frequent with proper headcounts, and I want Meetups to be very positive experiences for those who participate. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

**NOTE: THIS IS A WEATHER-DEPENDENT MEETUP; I WILL POST ANY UPDATES ON THE COMMENT WALL IF WEATHER’S LOOKING IFFY. IF WE HAVE TO RESCHEDULE, WE WILL DO SO.** (Now, on an optimistic note . . . ) LET’S GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!!! Lake Fausse Pointe State Park is an approximately 60- to 75-minute drive from Baton Rouge, and they have 2-person canoes, 1-person kayaks, and 4- to 5-person flat-bottom boats to rent!!! We will meet at 11:00 a.m. NEAR THE BOAT LAUNCH AREA to enjoy eating and socializing in the park, and afterwards, as boats are available, we will go out in groups to paddle! There is also a nature trail for hiking enthusiasts. Newcomers can look for my red stop sign to identify the group! It costs $3.00 per person to get into the park. Cash and plastic (except AmEx) are accepted for the entry fee and boat rental fee; the boat rental fee can be divided among multiple debit/credit cards. Boat rentals cost $7.00 per hour per boat. They have 4 kayaks for rent, 10 canoes, and a number of flat-bottom boats. If you are not a water person but enjoy nature and social time, please join us! Please bring your own food and drinks for our day’s adventure, and remember, you might want extra water bottles for paddling! Life jackets will be provided; please make your friendly organizer happy and use them. ❤️ #preciouscargo I will bring some waterproof containers for items for the boats. Please don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, insect spray, allergy meds, and comfy shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting wet (just in case)! A towel and change of clothing to keep in the car is advisable. PLEASE BRING COMFY CHAIRS AND BLANKETS IN CASE WE DON’T SCORE PICNIC TABLES!! Note: You can apparently bring an electric or gas motor to add to the flat-bottom boat. I know nothing about this and beg you to only do this if you know what you’re doing. 😂 Otherwise, we can pile 4 to 5 people with paddles into one, which sounds FUN to me (and possibly an opportunity to spin in circles in the water)! Please invite family and friends 21 and up; just include them in your RSVP! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!


1040 23rd Ave

PLEASE JOIN US for this SUPER FUN EXCURSION OUT OF GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI!! ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS LIKELY A SNOOZE/LOSE OPPORTUNITY!! TICKETS SHOULD BE PURCHASED PRONTO!!*** "Ferry boats depart Gulfport at 1:30 p.m. for a 90-minute shoreline cruise looking for the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Take a boat ride aboard the historic Pan American Clipper and enjoy the Gulfport shoreline looking for playful dolphins. Snack bar service available on board. No outside food or drinks permitted. Book your memorable dolphin cruise from Gulfport with Ship Island Excursions!" Adults 21-61: $19 plus $1.14 fee Adults 62 and up: $16 plus $1.00 fee https://msshipisland.com/cruises/dolphin-watching-cruise/ PLEASE NOTE SPOTS ON THE BOAT ARE GOING QUICKLY, AND THIS IS THE ONLY SATURDAY CRUISE IN MAY (and no Saturday cruises are running in June)!!! A LARGE GROUP COULD COME IN AND SCOOP UP AVAILABLE SPOTS, SO BOOK NOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. You will get a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Full refunds also offered if the trip is cancelled due to weather. Gulfport, Mississippi, is 2 to 2.5 hours' drive from Baton Rouge. If you know people you are comfy with in the group who are also attending, feel free to reach out to them to arrange carpooling. We are meeting 45 minutes early to socialize and hopefully get spots together on the ferry. Please note we are not guaranteed to see dolphins. (They are not required to RSVP for this Meetup.;) ) Boat rides are a blast regardless, and we will hope those precious babies will come close for a swim!! FEEL FREE TO INVITE FRIENDS AND FAMILY 21 AND UP TO JOIN US! Just include them in your RSVP. If the cruise is cancelled due to weather, we will reschedule. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!

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