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CALL OUT to women investors...meet & greet BUY/FIX/FLIP/HOLD/LEVERAGE

Interested in buying, selling, operating, developing real estate investment property. My focus is the City. I know the neighborhoods inside and out and targeted locations that I am sourcing investment opportunities. Other locations welcome. I am licensed in the whole state of Illinois.

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Looking for:
Women property owners
Woman cash investors
Women with deals
Women attorneys
Women contractors
Women lenders
Women designers
Women property managers

I am a licensed broker/owner, auctioneer. This group is to make deals together with women and help each other out. This is not a self promo for my brokerage. My brokerage is an available tool should anyone need. I welcome other brokers, not to hack deals for listings but to participate in the investment with capital and bring deals to the table. :-)

I would like to raise some money for a few deals I have under contract. I am looking for equity/construction partner for both. One deal to rehab, fix and flip. Second deal to rehab, fix and rent. PLEASE INQUIRE IF INTERESTED.

I am constantly sourcing deals and I am looking for good partners. Would like to meet women investors and women-owned real estate investors for a change. I have been in real estate since 2002, ... My specialty is revitalizing and repurposing distressed real estate and neighborhood multi-family apartment buildings. I am currently targeting quick flip properties for fix and flips, if they are not worth keeping as a rental. I am also targeting apartment buildings to hold. I always have extra deals that may work for someone else, I would like to share within the group.

I am looking for specialists that would like to share knowlege and services. any suggestions and participation to help start a nice group, share tips, etc. Etc...

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