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Conspiracy Facts, Deep State, Electronic Harrassment, Targeted Individuals
This is a safe space to speak about the unspeakable, the unusual, and the abnormal. These stalking experiences are designed to mimick mental illness. If you suspect or are sure of getting organized stalking then this is the right meetup for you. Do you know or think that your privacy rights are compromised? Are you getting electromagnetic (remote attacks)? Are you getting perpetration that resembles "craziness" or "psychiatric labels"? There are answers, support, and self-validation for all of this. If you'd like to have contact before the meetup date call or email [masked] [masked]

Hollywood Branch Library

4040 NE Tillamook St · Portland, OR

What we're about

ARE YOU REVOLTED THAT YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL & PRIVACY RIGHTS HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM YOU? We are people getting victimized struggling with government/military/contractors/organized crime, and corporate, workplace torture, harassment and community stalking (stassi style). Do you have unexplained physical, psychological, energetic synthetic diseases, and auditory attacks. Have you done research to find out the deplorable truth?

Are you being abused wirelessly or remotely?

Do you suspect or know they're under surveillance and are being monitored 24/7,

There are covert government, deep state, and military sponsored programs experimenting and testing on unwitting human beings (research, training & development). This threatens and exploits our privacy, integrity, dignity, constitutional rights, freedom, human rights, and our democratic way of life.

Let's discuss this and plan to be proactive.


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