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Advanced Lighting Event - Models, Smoke, & Dramatic Lighting - Fort Mill, SC

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Price: $40.00 /per person

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Join us for this event and learn more advanced lighting techniques.

Add a smoke machine to a studio of models and then create some exciting new portfolio images!

We will cover:

- Ways to create drama and impact using different lighting sources and modifiers

- We will be learning how to capture the effects of the smoke machine correctly

- Posing and interacting with the subject to capture just the right look for your vision

- Setting up the scene with styling and incorporating simple props (feel free to bring your own if you have any ideas)

We will work with a couple of models and a couple of different lighting sources.

I will have two or three shooting areas to practice in.

If you have a meter please bring it along, if not, I will share mine.

You are also encouraged to bring whatever lighting sources you generally use. I will be sharing and using mine, but I've been asked if it's ok to practice with your own equipment during our events - ABSOLUTELY!

I do require that you have either attended the lighting basics class, or that you have a very sound understanding of light before RSVPing for this class. This understanding includes such things as knowing your ISO, shutter speed, aperture conversions, different lighting sources, modifiers, and their properties (such as kelvin temperatures.) As well as, how to set your camera to expose for each.

We use the Aputure transceivers in our events. I do have 4 extras for sharing (my transceivers work with Nikon and Canon cameras only) but I encourage you to purchase one of your own. A set of these will also fire your flash off camera and work as a remote shutter release.

Nikon -

Canon -

This class is not for BEGINNERS! Most of our events are, but unfortunately this one may move along too quickly if you can not operate your camera proficiently in manual mode.

Thanks and I hope to see you there...

* As always the models at our events are promised at least 1 or 2 high resolution images from each attendee in exchange for their time and allowing us to use their images in our portfolios*

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