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I start this group in consideration with the dire condition of our Science education in our schools putting at stake the innovation, creativity and constructive thinking of young brains. Physics has been rendered to a subject of theories and principles without any practical implication.

Physics, the quantitative manifestation of the natural phenomena, can comprehensively be learned only through the process of experimentation. But the study of Physics in the present context has been constrained to sheer studying of the theory with no practical implication. Our class rooms, with their passive teachings, do not spark any interest or curiosity in the students but fulfilling obligatory curriculum. Its high time that the learning physics shall assume the previous ART OF EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING to sustain the innovation and creativity in the field of science.

The experiential learning develops the intuitive thinking capabilities which is the key for constructive creativity and innovation. We shall turn our passive class rooms into a vibrant scientific laboratories where the students could actually observe the phenomena being demonstrated rather than taught.

I invite the science enthusiasts, educationists and any one interested, to join hands together to elevate the value of science education in the schools there by sustain the innovation, creativity and constructive thinking for a better future. The seed has to be sown in the minds of young students to reap the fruits in the future.

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