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DISCLAIMER: READ BEFORE JOINING There are some rules of membership here. This group is not for everyone. You will be expected to share your ideas and to engage with the others. You will be challenged at times by others in the group. All in good faith for the sake of learning. The next big thing to come out of KC will come from a member of this group. The objective of this group is learning, to be a better entrepreneur. Your primary objective should be to teach or to learn Lean. Preferably both. If you are here to hire people or just to network, you are in the wrong place:) Respectfully. YOU MUST ANSWER THE PROFILE QUESTIONS IN FULL.

Are you having a problem finding a co-founder? Problem raising seed or Angel funding? Problem getting the word out about your idea? Problem finding a developer? Problem with conversions?

That's because you are not solving a REAL PROBLEM! Fix that and the other problems cease to be problems.

Ideas are easy. Execution is hard. Executing the right thing is damn near impossible. Entrepreneurs with a startup idea usually rush in to find a co-founder, build a prototype, raise money, hire a PR agency, etc. Before you do any of that, let's find out if anyone really wants the product you are about to spend 2 years of your life on!

TIPS ON DEFINING THE PROBLEM YOU ARE SOLVING: Every member must answer this question as part of their profile.

It is not your solution and not the lack of your solution
Frame it in proper semantics "it's hard to, people can't, etc"
25 words or less
Not YOUR problem as a business... the problem you are solving for the CUSTOMER (it is possible that you are scratching your own itch but that doesn't break this rule down)

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