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Carers of young children (0-5 years old) with time on their hands from Monday to Friday are invited to join this gardening group. Parents, grandparents, foster parents and any other carers of all ages welcome!

The idea is that the adults will do some thoroughly useful and therapeutic work (weeding, planting or even some heavy labour) while the children experience the great outdoors (learning to garden, playing, watching the clouds roll by, exploring or just getting really dirty... depending on age and interest).

We'll do anything from bush regeneration to vegetable gardening, in our own gardens (if we have one) or working / volunteering in public spaces. We won't use any materials harmful to children or the environment, so no weedkillers or artificial fertilisers.

We'll take turns hosting an event (but you don't have to host anything if you don't want to). We'll have adult conversations about the world while we care for our children together. We'll teach our children (and each other) useful skills, including how to take care of our world. And maybe sometimes we'll brag about our amazing children, but this isn't a mothers' group!

Oh, and yes, if your children are very active then you mightn't get a lot of actual work done. No one will judge you if you are busy showing children how to make a daisy chain, running after a toddler, looking for animals in the clouds, feeding a child or anything else. This is all about taking a deep breath, enjoying the world and being part of a community.

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