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Pa-Kua offers many forms of learning and knowledge for all ages:

Martial Art -- Learn to control your body, mind, and spirit through mastering principles of self defense and combat techniques. Pa-Kua martial art incorporates striking, kicking, grappling, sweeps, throws, acrobatic movement, joint locks, and pressure points, in a style that can be as soft or forceful as the practitioner desires.

Acrobatics -- Challenge yourself to dominate your body and mind by learning acrobatic movement, both alone and with others. Acrobatics is not just handstands, cartwheels, and tumbling; it's also a very social class, where you learn to depend on and support your fellow students. The world looks different when you're standing on someone's shoulders (literally!).

Chinese yoga -- A personal practice that focuses on mind and body harmonization and control, incorporating stretching, breathing exercises, and strength building.

Reflexology -- The application of knowledge about the body to maintain and improve one's health, through direct manipulation of the body, focused movements, and application of energetical concepts.

Pa-Kua Tai Chi -- The practice of the martial art of Pa-Kua, turned into a meditation. Tai chi improves the mind, body, and spirit through deliberate and harmonizing movements and breathing.

Archery -- Great for mind and body coordination and focus.

Edged Weapons -- Learn to apply the principles of Pa-Kua while wielding a sword (to begin with -- higher level mastery features a variety of weapons).

Pa Kua Rhythm -- A great cardio workout using martial arts movements set to music in a fun and relaxed environment.

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