What we're about

Whether you are:

* a new vegan, veg curious, hard core fruitarian, 80-10-10 aspirant;

* a Freelee follower, DurianRider devotee, McDougall maniac;

* fully raw, high raw, Raw Till 4, mostly raw, or NO raw;

* even if you're starting at the Standard American Diet with an interest in the kind of lifestyle we promote;

...WE WELCOME EVERYONE--the full spectrum!

Generally though, we espouse a high-carb, low-fat (HCLF) approach to the vegan lifestyle, based not only on the best health for us on the individual level, but equally rooted in ethical veganism and true environmental respect. We recognize diet plays a key role, but fitness, sleep, relationships, etc. are all just as important.

We invite all Earthlings, all life forms, to join our cause of being the change we wish to see in the world!

Past events (14)

Vegan Potluck

17362 SE 133rd St

Summer Vegan Potluck

17362 SE 133rd St

Fruit gathering

Sunset Place

Creating Perfect Health Seminar

Palatine Palace

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