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Lighter, faster, smarter, hiking longer...makes us stronger. For trail enthusiasts interested in lightening their packs to go further, taking backpacking past the crowds, deeper into the wilderness. Over the years I've slowly been shedding weight from my pack and it's been liberating. I'd like to share and learn with like-minded folks.

Much of the winter will be spent getting to know each other while discussing ultralight gear and methods. If folks are keen we can also hike in the lowland for conditioning and gear tests! And of course, we will make plans for multi-day hikes in the spring, summer & fall!


• Base Pack Weight (BPW) - The weight of your backpack + gear, minus consumables (food, water, fuel) and anything worn on your person.

• Ultralight (UL) - BPW ≤ 10 pounds.

• Super Ultralight (SUL) - BPW ≤ 5 pounds.

• Extreme Ultralight (XUL) - BPW ≤ 3 pounds.

• Stupidlight - Putting yourself or members of the group at risk by not packing the appropriate gear for the type of terrain and/or conditions of the trip.

Safety of the entire group is the #1 rule. Being as lightweight as possible is the goal of this group, but not at the risk of compromising any person's safety.

These backpack weights are something to strive for, you will not be excluded from this group if you haven't reached 10 pounds yet. If your BPW is 20+ pounds and you have no interest in knocking it down, there are plenty of traditional backpacking meetups out there and I would encourage you to check them out first. This is a specialized group focused on multi-day trekking into the wilderness, where long days on the trail and high mileage will be the norm.

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