Past Meetup

Salt River Mid-week paddle - Water Users to Phon-D-Sutton

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Join us for a mid-week Thursday paddle down the Salt River. We will start at water users and paddle (not float) to Phon-D-Sutton to take out.

We will meet at 7 am in the parking lot on the south side of the Shell Station on the southeast corner of Power & McDowell. (You can purchase Tonto Passes there.) We will arrange which vehicles to leave at Phon-D-Sutton there and hope to leave for the river by 7:15 am. (Please try to get there early or at least by 7 am)

There will be a mandatory short safety meeting at after we all have our boats ready to be launched.

Please RSVP if you are going. If you RSVP as going but cancel, please change your RSVP on this site so the hosts knows who to expect.

Check this site prior to leaving for staging for last minute updates for weather issues, water flow issues, or last minute cancellations. The last update time for the host to issue a cancellation will be 6:30 am as the host will be en route to the staging spot after that time.

Experience Level:

The river is a dynamic example of fluid mechanics and lately the flow has been around 900 to 1000 cfs. As the flow increases so does the speed and difficulty.

This event is open to all paddlers but a paddler should be comfortable with rapid paddling to steer the boat through small rapids and to paddle ones self out of up flow. You should feel comfortable falling in the water and be able to swim well enough until someone comes to assist you. You should have everything tied to you boat. The last time down the river several boats turned 'turtle'. No big deal as its part of the fun but one person lost car keys.

The group will try to stay together for safety and to assist each other if needed. This is a paddle event (not just floating) but the paddling will be relaxed and at a reasonable pace.

If you have questions about your ability to join this float, call the host Tim [masked]) to talk it over.

A Tonto Pass is required to be displayed on any vehicle parked at the river. The pass costs $6 and you do not need to pay an extra 'boat' fee as that is for powered boats only. You can obtain a Tonto Pass at most convenience store & gas stations on the way to the lake. Look for a white sticker or sign with green lettering stating "Tonto Pass Sold Here".

REQUIRED Equipment:

You MUST bring a fitted Life Vest.

No alcohol or any drugs (legal or illegal) that impair a paddlers mind on the float. Due to the safety risks of moving river water, the paddler must be sober.

Recommended equipment:

Experience/training in self and assisted rescue, bring loud safety whistle, a 15' tow rope or throw bag, a two way FRS family radio/walkie talkie tuned to channel 4 security code 0, have boat flotation in the bow of your boat, first aid kit, plenty of snacks and water, dry bag with dry clothes,

Paddle Arizona Disclaimer & Assumption of Risk/Liability:

Paddling, like all sports have inherent risks and dangers. All paddlers (on behalf of him/her self and his/her minor children) are responsible for their own safety during Paddle Arizona floats, voluntarily accepts any and all risks of injury, harm, medical conditions, or property damage, assumes all liabilities, and waives any and all damages against Paddle Arizona (including its organizers, hosts, and members). The host is merely arranging an opportunity for like minded people to paddle together. The host is not responsible for anyone's skill level, injuries, property damage or death. This is not a professional tour, training, business, or any other official organized event. Any advice/suggestions given during the event about paddling the river are mere SUGGESTIONS. Each person has the responsibilty to decide for them elf whether to follow the suggestion or not. The person/host giving a suggestion can not be held responsible for mishap.

If you have any questions, call or text the host; or use the comment section (preferred as others probably will have the same questions). This host does not know about boat rentals.

When I use the term 'kayak' I also mean any thing that floats and that you paddle (canoes, paddle boards, etc).