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Welcome, if you're reading this you're probably an adventurous or curious individual who is interested in learning more about themselves through various systems of spiritual discipline and study.

That is pretty much why this group was created. At the time of its inception there was not really a lot of activity in the lower mainland and many people were busy with their lives, moving, working and generally caught up in the everyday affairs of adult life. So a handful of us with a little time to spare came together and collaborated to create a small community where we could post our events and host socials where we could connect with one another.

Mainly that is what you're looking at with this group, a few friends who got together and made a place where we could sit down have a coffee and share a little bit about spiritual journeys. The group includes events from all over BC, so this includes not only the Lower Mainland but Fraser Valley, the Okanogan and Island events.

The calendar is open to small independent groups of various spiritual paths to post their public ceremonies, celebrations, classes, charity events and fundraisers, and hopefully by doing so enrich the lives of our community.

This group is moderated, so please be aware that any abusive or aggressive behavior is not welcomed here. We take reports of foul treatment seriously and will ask you to leave if you are treating members in a disrespectful manner.

Along the way you will meet various individuals from all walks of life. Members include initiates from many types of orders and traditions. We range anywhere from Pagans and Wiccans, all the way to Christian Gnostics, Thelemites, and various Kabbalistic sects. You are politely asked not to inquire about people's initiations or grades, as we like to demonstrate respect for members personal boundaries and privacy. Questions on the membership application form are optional and are there as icebreaker questions only, so introduce yourself in some way on your membership profile but know that your privacy is valued at the same time.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Organizers via the messaging system available through the Meetup site. Thank you for your time and attention, and we hope your experience with us enriches your life and spirit.



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