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We live in a very promising time. It is also a very challenging time.
At least that’s how it looks like to us humans.

It’s a time when the human spirit is triumphing and books are being rewritten. Love, sharing & the healing of our fellow man is becoming what is normal.

The other side of this coin is a reality full of people who are hurting - who are hurting other people who are hurting. It is causing a great disturbance that is rooted in the spiritual and that manifests physically as war, disease and famine - all of it.

I am coming to you here to say that I hope we can band together and find common interests and be the healers for ourselves and everyone in the human community.

We are making the shift from hurting to healing - healing the healers. It is a way to have a place and a purpose in the shifting of consciousness and the triumph of the human spirit.

The words are well chosen; they sound so good and fill the heart with such a freshness of depths & heights, with an incredible sense of oneness in the truth.

I think it will be helpful to keep these thoughts foremost in our group.
I just edited it a little and added some words for today’s time.

I believe this community will become a place where talented & heart-centered people will meet & find others like themselves!

I look forward to meet with you guys!
My heart is wishing for your continued involvement & support!

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Evening of Healing and Spirituality
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