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This meetup is designed to bring our community together in a time of crisis. With all of the uncertainty in today's world, there is much fear about what the future holds for us. Many people prepare for a potential Armageddon the best they know how but it is a close-knit society that often prepares for only immediate family, and for how long? Those that have will be pitted against those that have not, which can lead to violence, riots and looting. Although we can't prepare for every cataclysmic scenario, the one that this meet up will focus mainly on is a lack of power, short or long term. With our power grid down, life as we know it will change drastically, due to our complete dependence upon it.
The idea behind this meet up is that we are stronger as a whole than as individuals. Everyone can contribute their part to our society and benefit from each other's knowledge, skills and produce. We can learn from each other ways to live in simpler times, before power was essential, in regards to agriculture, food prepping, canning, refrigeration and storage, communication, transportation, medical, clothing, toiletries, water purification and irrigation, education, entertainment, etc. No one needs to be excluded because everyone has something to offer. The meet up would be a way to pool our resources, without infringing on anyone's pre-prepared stash if you have one (won't even be brought up). Rather, we can create a network of skills, knowledge, resources and work force that will help us live a more normal, but simpler life in times of a national, or regional power outage. If we can each contribute, we can all benefit. No one person has all of the answers, but as a community, we can thrive. By learning how to work together, we can reduce panic, fear and potential violence, knowing that we have a way to overcome in a time of crisis.
Get-togethers can involve workshops and classes in a social, friendly atmosphere. Input is welcome from everyone inclined to add their thoughts.
If you're interested in participating, leading a workshop or both, please let me know and I'll find a central meeting place to get together. You can email me also at twarrencjku1@gmail.com.

Thanks! Tracie Warren

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